November 26, 2008

A One Act Play. By Steve Lawson. *frothes at the mouth*
  • I have to admit, I don't understand the first thing about this. Is he really a troll? Or just making fun of other trolls? I had to chuckle when the other character expressed surprise that there are librarian blogs. At a previous job, I learned that there are blogs for everything, from teapots to sports law. (Sports law blogs? What could people possibly have to talk about? Librarian blogs I understand. Sports law blogs... no.)
  • I've never been able to wrap my head around the psychology of trolling, neither online nor IRL.
  • You WOULD say that...
  • *drags hook with bloody bait through thread*
  • I think the one-act play is a bit of an elaborate "guys, please don't feed the troll" warning. But I can't be sure. This was making the rounds amongst the local librarians, and I thought it'd make an interesting post (^_^)
  • This is interesting, indeed, but I'm afraid I get only a fraction of the references. What is Library 2.0? What exactly does the Angry Librarian stand for? What ideas are at issue?
  • *takes bait*
  • Library 2.0 is actually a riff on Web 2.0. That is, making use of Web 2.0 technologies to promote and facilitate library resources and services. Err...stuff like faceted searching for catalogues, RSS feeds for new book arrivals, email alerts for saved searches in databases, and so forth. I have no idea what the Angry Librarian stands for. Main issues? I guess OCLC (see related Mefi post) being an asshole. And the play is about the Annoyed Librarian, who really did author an entire issue of the Journal of Access Services. Now I feel like I'm explaining a lame joke I made in passing....
  • Now I feel like I'm explaining a lame joke I made in passing.... No, this is how it works. Somebody makes a lame joke, but it makes somebody else curious, so we have a serious discussion for a while, then somebody else makes a lame joke. It's called the Circle of Nerd.
  • It's called the Circle of Nerd. *puts on schmaltzy music*
  • *waves to Dreadnought*
  • *waves back*
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