November 25, 2008

Creative Grooming. Creative is one word for it, certainly. Extreme is another.
  • Next thing you know they'll be tattoing pigs.
  • This is why poodles get so little respect. Love the camel!
  • When Cindy the Poodle gets sick of this, somebody's gonna get their throat ripped out. Waaaaay over the top, people. Some folks is stupit.
  • Butt-ugly is another expression....
  • Cindy the poodle needs re-homing, STAT.
  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • How come pulis don't get this shit? They have just as much hair.
  • This isn't the type of grooming I was expecting. *Leaves thread*
  • goofyfoot, that's because pulis can apparently disguise themselves as mops or rasta wigs when the crazed groomers come looking for them. This is a disguise ability the breed has honed for centuries. You know that one famous photo of Bob Marley? The one on the cover of Legend? That ain't his hair. That's a puli. Don't forget the mop that Fred Astaire danced with. Also a puli. Oh, and that whole thing about Lenny Kravitz getting a hair cut a few years ago... no, his puli just left him. It's true! I swear.