November 24, 2008

My life is ‘The Terminal 2' - Hiroshi Nohara is enjoying his stay in Mexico City, even if he doesn't know what he's doing there.
  • Interesting. Of course, The Terminal was probably based on a real life case so the wheel has sort of come full circle. Best airports to sleep in.
  • Without watching the youtube, I don't quite understand. It sounds like he is there by choice?
  • It seems to be that he has chosen to stay there for reasons only known to him - the authorities can't do anything until his tourist visa expires. I'll follow up on this when this guy's book comes out and he starts doing the chat show rounds here. Cynical? Moi?
  • Yeah. Can't they boot him out? I'm assuming that if he has, maybe, some mental health issues that there's minimal support for a foreigner who's planted roots in the airport. Otherwise I'm thinking it's a publicity stunt.
  • Yep, my take on it is that it is either a stunt (a not very interesting stunt at that), or a mental health issue, or, my best choice, there's something at home he's avoiding...