November 24, 2008

  • Monkey-picked tea! I've actually just made a round of tea in the office. Synchronicity or what!!!!
  • ...seems to be inedible at the moment.
  • I've had one of those tequila lollies on my desk for a couple of years now. It's still in its wrapper.
  • DiMMN gave me some of the monkey-picked tea a while back - it's really tasty. And has a lot of conversational value when offering it to guests. Although, after discussion with Alnedra, Mistress of Tea, turns out it probably isn't actually picked by monkeys, unfortunately.
  • Deja vu?
  • Ah, sorry, not quite. Just the monkey-picked tea. Although I had something similar to this, for my cough a few weeks ago. Several dried wasps, alot of Angsana seeds and some other stuff. Boiled everything for half an hour and drank the liquid. It was really sour.
  • I'm not chuffing surprised! You're supposed to use bees!!! I dunno, kids today...
  • Maybe it's because I live in Asia but none of these items freak me out - although I don't think I'd be chomping into a baked tarantula anytime soon. Also crocodile isn't very exotic at least in Australia - lots of bugs eaten there too.
  • Yeah, you can get gator in most major cities in the States.
  • So many of those things sound so awesome. The magic mint lollipop, the lizard wine, even the cat shit coffee.
  • The cat shit coffee is overrated, from what my bean supplier has written (hi, everyone, I'm mct and I'll be playing Office Coffee Douche again for just a moment here, what is that, Maxwell House? Oh, you). Evidently they're robusta beans mostly, not arabica, which many of my douchey brethren will tell you don't measure up in terms of flavor. Also, because if the increased interest in Kopi Luwak, there are (unconfirmed) reports that these cats are being force-fed beans to up production rates. Not cool. However, be not afraid! If you want poop coffee, let me introduce you to the noble, new hotness of Jacu bird poop coffee, the unsung hero of fecal coffee worldwide. My wife has made me swear I will never buy those beans, but she doesn't know what I buy and roast and goddamn but I want to try it and I'm seriously tempted to do some Folgers Crystals ninja switcheroo type shit on her.
  • Coffee to MCT is what the Cappy is to me. An unhealthy obsession.
  • Monkeyfilter: seriously tempted to do some Folgers Crystals ninja switcheroo type shit on her.
  • You go right ahead MCT. Screw with her morning coffee, I dare ya. And when she rips you a new one, don't come whining to us.