October 20, 2008

40 Creative Lamp Designs (via StumbleUpon)

If you like design and you like glowing things you might enjoy these. Wants: "Titanic Lamp" and "Good Night Eileen".

  • These are great! I love "Good Night Eileen," and also the Hanged Man, though the blog owner doesn't seem to approve of that one. )))))!
  • *steps back* *faces ThinkTwice* *takes deep breath* ♪♫"Yooooooooou, light up my life..."♪ ♪
  • The Hanged Man can't hold a candle to this one.
  • Enlightening.
  • Wow! If I had a decent house and money to buy lamps I'd be all over these. The best ones, IMO, aren't the ones that are just cute visual designs, but the ones with an innovative functionality like the coin lamp or hurdle lamp.