September 29, 2008

Insects and old watch parts combined. That's about it really.
  • Those are really lovely! But where are the -ahem- ticks?
  • These creatures are no use to me dead.
  • Gorgeous and just slightly nightmarish.
  • AAGH FUCK CLOCKWORK SPIDERS /deep breath /slightly more dignified voice Take warning, sensitive monkeys: the linked page contains an "Arachnids" section.
  • *stompstompstomp* *sproinnnnnng*
  • My sentiments exactly, Mr. Tick. *gets flyswatter* Mashes bugs, clocks, and ticks*
  • that'll do, tick, that'll do.
  • Yes, there are no ticks, but in a desperate search for a punning title, I pretended that there were. I was only *ahem* winding you up! EH??
  • Sorry man, you lost me there. What were you winding?
  • *springs*
  • It was a pretty good strap-line, though!
  • So, it's tick-tocksidermy.
  • TUM, that pun was absolutely tocksick!
  • *fobs off stomping duty on Mr. BlueHorse*
  • It starts with this, and it ends with General Grievous.