September 28, 2008

It doesn't have to be this way. One of your possible futures. Please check your voter registration.

(SLYT, but a vivid one.)

  • That was damn scary.
  • Not as scary as the swearing in of President Palin...
  • No Palin Presidency = Fewer funny Tina Fey routines. Very tough choice.
  • Those were "routines"? Seriously, I thought a few of the responses she made were verbatim.
  • Palin Presidency = Tina Fey the first person arrested and hauled to Gitmo. So there really is no choice.
  • Now THAT would be reason enough to create an international libation liberation front and invade free the american people from the Palin joke yoke! Who's with me? Tina, fear not, here we go!
  • People, people -- For Tina to do more Palin impersonations takes away from her important work on 30 Rock. We cannot allow that to happen.