September 27, 2008

There Will Come Soft Rains. [Via]
  • I read that as "there will come soft raisins" which just seemed weird....
  • Any idea when that was filmed Remnant of nuclear winter fears? As macabre as it is, it's nicely done.
  • Wonderful.
  • One of my favorite Bradbury stories. Thanks, h.
  • Damn. Just as heartbreaking and terrifying as when I first read the story as a child in the last throes of the Cold War. Loved the rhythm of the robot's voice.
  • This is the second year we've read "Soft Rains" in my English class. I just don't think most of the kids get it. If I hadn't read it just last month, I think I'd have liked the video better. Since all the nuances were still fresh, the vid suffered by comparison.
  • very nice...a great find.. Bradbury has always been one of my favorite writers, probably one of the two or three authors that cemented my love of reading as a kid. My son and his partners are scheduled to do a remake of "The Illustrated Man" under contract with WB. When I learned this, it was like something had come full circle. I'm hoping that production moves forward fast enough that there is an outside chance I could meet Bradbury.
  • Congrats to the spawn, Bob! Bradbury's essays on the writing process have been a huge inspiration to me over the years.
  • Good luck on that, Bob, and to your son also!
  • Wonderful - thanks!!