September 27, 2008

Weekends suck on Mofi. So, here's an experiment involving 5 monkeys, a cage, a banana, a ladder and, crucially, a water hose.
  • Freek Vermeulen apparently travels to 1981 to get his hair cut. But it's a good article, with a valuable lesson. However, I think sometimes it can go too far the other way. There are times in a company when everybody in a frim needs to all do one thing the same way, for consistency's sake. It's just inefficient to have to evaluate and change a process every time because it occurs to one person that he'd like to do it differently. For example, say the date is always in the top left corner of the TPS report. Sure, there's no earth-shaking reason it couldn't go in the bottom-right corner, but it wastes the report reader's time if he has to look in all four corners before reading. At a certain point, "Because that's the way we all do it, and we should all do it the same way" is a good enough reason. This concludes the petty ramblings of a malingerer putting off several improtant projects.
  • Whoa, that explains why we all have to disrobe and have a group masturbation session at work when the clock gets to 10 am. Now if I can only figure out what started the whole thing.
  • Actually it seems to me that rightly or wrongly the logical moral to draw from the experiment is 'keep doing it the way we do it here, even if you don't know the reason'. If they gave the first new monkey a badge that said 'consultant' (or perhaps 'Professor'), the others would each go for the banana again in spite of their prior experience, and get soaked all over again.
  • Hey, we don't even need a hose. We can send them to monkey high school, and teach them never to question authority prepare them for jobs in the real world.