August 31, 2008

Gustav's headed for New Orleans An aggregation of all sorts of news, images and other information about the storm. I hope all N.O. monkeys and their families and loved ones are safely out of the area already, or well on their way.

other storm related news: Bush skipping RNC, ceremonies cut down. Recent activity on the Katrina thread

  • Also, local N.O. radio station has online streaming.
  • I'm rather partial to Weather Underground. Here in Houston, it's 6:48 p.m. on Sunday and we just had something pretty rough blow in and out of here in the space of about 15 minutes. Don't know if it's some of the leading edge of Gustav, or just a random storm. Doesn't look like much on the radar, but it whipped the trees around pretty good.
  • Bush skipping RNC, ceremonies cut down saves face, RNC sighs big sigh of relief.
  • Fairywench: I am in Houston, also, and what you had was one of those random summer things. The storm predictions for Gustav show that it will slide into Texas as a tropical storm, and may stall somewhere. This worries me because of my experience with Allison in 2001, where it just kept raining. Major flooding may be in store for some folks during the next week.
  • Scary stuff. My thoughts are with all.
  • Have a friend near Galveston, further east almost on the LA border. They're also under mandatory evacuation orders, but no shelters are available. He spent 5 hours driving further and further inland in TX trying to find a hotel. Prices for available rooms mysteriously tripled.
  • That sucks, bloody money-grubbing assholes.
  • Yeah, nothing like all pulling together, is there. Take it easy, geographically-exposed monkeys! (I have a couch bed available - £600 a night, breakfast not included).
  • We are pretty much as far from hurricanes as you can get, and we offer free room and board in exchange for babysitting and MoFi admin duties. But seriously, I hope anyone in the area is safe and that Gustav magically fizzles. Please be careful.
  • EarWax, ssshhh, please don't tell my significant other that I had "one of those random summer things", he might get jealous!
  • Seems like asking for trouble to name a storm something that starts with "Gust." Might as well name it "Gale."
  • Wendy
  • Helene's next...
  • Gustav magically fizzles. Is there nothing the mighty Tracicraken can't do?