August 30, 2008

The magnificant Krak des Chevaliers . or Qal'at al-Ḥiṣn Krak des Chevaliers was the headquarters of the Knights Hospitallers during the Crusades. The inner curtain wall is up to 100 feet thick at the base on the south side, with seven guard towers 30 feet in diameter. These are stones that did the work of men Recognize the label?

Take a tour. Fly over. Try some YouTube This is a castle with a history of treachery in a treacherous time. A failed siege was made by Saladin in 1188, during which the castellan was captured and taken by Saladin's men to the castle gates where he was told to order the gates opened. He reportedly spoke a dual message, first telling his men in Arabic, the language of his captors, to surrender the castle, but then in French telling them to hold the castle to the last man. In 1271, the fortress was captured by Baibars on April 8, after he had tricked the Hospitallers into believing the count of Tripoli had instructed them to surrender. The stone stables could have held up to 1000 horses. The Krak had it's own aquaduct, reservoir, and wells. Check it out at the castle of the week Build your own more nice pics and tour