August 28, 2008

Ever wanted to do a artic polar circumnavigation? This is your year.
  • an arctic. I knew that.
  • Anyone want to join me on a circumnavigation of the 89°59'59' parallel? I will be laying in supply caches every 200 feet, mostly consisting of Fat Tire Ale and chips & guacamole.
  • Find the hand of Franklin..? I've been usurped! You usurper, you!
  • From the article: the trip using the northern route is just 7,400 nautical miles -- just 40 percent of the 11,500 nautical mile haul through the Suez. *checks calculator* *checks slide rule* *adjusts sextant* Nope.
  • Math suffers when describing the navigation of an articulation.
  • A strawberry-rhubarb muffin that has left me feeling queasy all day.
  • Ever wanted to do a artic polar circumnavigation? Is that some sort of sexual manoeuvre I don't know about?
  • Yup, pretty easy. Be sure and take a big, honking boat though. Them polar caps won't keep melting when we stop using oil!