July 31, 2008

The future is here; here's your jetpack. (This post subtitled "Thanks again, New Zealand. First LotR, Now This.")
  • After watching the video- So it takes you three feet off the ground and you need two friends to keep you from careening into the crowd?
  • Underwhelming.
  • I'd like to see you two do better. No, really.
  • From this article on the same dude: 'By 1997, seven weeks after the birth of his second child, Mr Martin promoted his wife Vanessa to test pilot and fired up the device she calls "the beast". It was, she said, "probably the best experience of my life".' uh huh. Other than that heart warming element, let's look at this: the weight of the pack is 113kg, and it produces around 270kg of thrust. That leaves only a bit to counteract the weight of a fatass weighing 100 kg. Such a person might get around 50kg of net upward force, ignoring wind and other issues. A more normal-sized person might get a net 60-70kg or so. With a "30 minute" run time, I guess that gives you enough power to clear the tree tops... but you better be pretty good on calculating your journey, otherwise you'll sputter out & plummet to the ground with 113kg on your back. And that's without the steering, weather problems, etc, factored in, but at least you don't need a pilot's license. Step in the right direction, but I'm a tad skeptical.
  • Yeah, a little disappointing. OTH at the same show, the RRL Racer was also unveiled. "Throughout the demonstration, the rocket racer pilot would shut off its engine to cool it-and to keep it from climbing higher-then re-ignite the engine to continue its vertical accents and high g turns."
  • oh, but the potential!
  • What Hank said, plus the comfort issue - carrying the 113kg is going to be awkward, especially for smaller people, who are the only ones who'll get enough upward thrust, and so on...
  • And then there is this chap - do we spot a trend?
  • Can you come over after school to work on our jetpack, RTD? I have a box of dead batteries, a pile of irregular lego parts, and a bicycle tool kit. Any chance you could stop at the hobby store and pick up about 2000 model rocket engines on your way over? If we finish before dark, we can go ride bikes!
  • Flying is cool. Having a noisy 2-stroke engine inches from my ears isn't.
  • I like how the turbine sucked in a few twigs from that nearby tree on their test flight. "Can you take six inches off the shrubbery on your way to work, dear? Thanks"
  • I'd like to see you two do better. *falls over laughing* *image of RTD in a beanie cap with Nick using shoelaces to tie a VW engine onto his back* MonkeyFilter: Step in the right direction, but I'm a tad skeptical.
  • Shoelaces don't have the tensile strength we require. What we need are a 1/2 dozen of our fathers' silk ties. This calls for a stealth mission. /puts on black pjs.
  • I volunteer to be the lookout!
  • Here ya go boys. Check out the beautiful blue eyes on THAT gorgeous girl! (I said I'd reduce the images, but this was so full of squee...... and the perfect beanie. Can't you just see RTD in this one?)
  • I don't notice any dolphins around swimming with him. I'd prefer to flail in my own inept way and be able to see the wild life. Just one more example of wasted money IMHO.