July 30, 2008

Mande Barang (Indian Yeti) hairs are to be DNA tested. Mande Burung encounters have apparently been on the increase in recent months.

The hairs have been provided by Dipu Marak, who just happens to be the General Secretary of the A’chik Tourism Society.

  • Sorta related but not really: Pair report brush with sasquatch.
  • I saw this a few days ago. Please, God of Awesome Things, let every result be "inconclusive". We *need* Bigfoots in this world.
  • Soooo... Did they get any hair for DNA analysis from their brush with the sasquatch? *reminder: resist bad puns for rest of week
  • "resist bad puns" ...no, but they are combing the area for evidence... found nothing yet(i).
  • I hope you're not being facetious TT, this is cutting edge research. Scientists are being pelted with questions. Fur-ther information will be forthcoming shortly. Check right hair later for some answers. Careful, you young whippersnapper! GramMa's been at this a long time. *draws her pun, shoots, drops him*