July 29, 2008

A little on Little House. Melissa Gilbert will star in a new musical of Little House on the Prairie. But as 'Ma' Ingalls? What?

No doubt to feature "Bringing in the Sheaves".

  • Wait - this isn't about Hugh Laurie's naughty bits?
  • *is a die-hard Little House fan* Melissa is no Karen Grassle.
  • When it boils down to it, FT, most things can be related to Hugh Laurie's naughty bits. (Well, if you try hard enough.) It sounds like they're looking to the books for inspiration rather than the TV series, which makes me feel very good. I remember quite a lot of music-making in the books, which I hope they translate to the stage. Can this Blanchard feller play the fiddle? Or at least mime it? "But she has to be able to model how to find a way to be satisfied with the life that's ahead of her." That sentence makes me dizzy.
  • Oh, true story from my parochial school days: I read all the books outside of school, but my classroom had copies of some of them, too. But our classroom copies had black marks over expurgated words. In Little House on the Puh-rairie. I guess Pa wasn't allowed to say "I'll be danged," or things like that.
  • I don't think Mary even swore when she finally went blind from Scarlet Fever, and everybody was just sitting downstairs awkwardly. Nellie I can see cursing like a stevedore.
  • TUM, like you, I went to parochial school for a time. Sadly for me, our copies of Little House were uncensored. To this day, I still bear marks of the horrific language to which I was exposed. Dang it! Ahh, I read them all outside of school. Growing up in South Dakota near the Minnesota border, the series was quite dear to me. I still remember getting excited when coming across landmarks that were mentioned in the stories.
  • *is grateful to fish tick for the mental association*
  • I always thought that The Best Little Whore House in Texas was the sequel to Little House on the Prairie.
  • That's when Laura Ingalls got Wilder.
  • Oh, man, I loved those books. I should re-read them at some point.
  • Mr. Danger FTW.
  • Not unlike how Patty Duke went from playing Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker" to playing Annie Sullivan...with Melissa Gilbert as Helen!! If Melissa Gilbert ever plays Patty Duke, I suspect this will create a time-space singularity that will consume the entire universe and hurl us into the 11th dimension.
  • Finland brands Little House on the Prairie with adult rating I bet it was Nellie. She has Victorian skank written all over her.
  • Well, there was that one episode when Mary started licking a candy stick while she was... oh, nevermind. L1TTLEH0US3 HAT3RZ N0T @LL0WED!1111!!
  • Caroline "Ma" Ingalls was smokin' hot!
  • I watched the one the other day where Laura went fishing and then the old guy started fishing there too and they became friends and then Laura taught him how to fish using dough as bait and it totally worked and then the old man turned out to be an old man with a bank and Pa needed money from that bank and the old man turned him down and then found out that Laura was Pa's kid and the old man was like 'you were only my friend because your Pa wanted money' and she was like 'no wai', and the old man didn't want to be friends with Laura anymore and she was crying herself to sleep and stuff and Pa was like 'fuck that shit' and went down to see the old man, and the old man was frightened and stuff 'cuz Pa was gonna deck him but then was only super polite and the old man felt totally guilty and gave new books to the schoolhouse anonymously but Laura knew she totally knew and ran to the old man where he was fishing at the pond and they were totally BFF the end.
  • And all the while I was watching this and thinking -- wait, isn't it a little weird that this old guy should have such an interest in Laura? And then Pa going there to make them BFF again, instead of getting some 19th century neighbourhood watch thing going? Have Isaiah explain to the guy the need to stay away from little girls?
  • rocket, say no more. I had such a crush on 'Ma Ingalls. Phew!! *fans self and takes a whiff of the smelling salts*
  • I remember that episode - wasn't the old guy's wife buried under the riverbed or something?