July 27, 2008

Wired Magazine Looks Back at War Games, the movie that popularized computer geeks.

This, not Ferris Bueller is why I'll always have a crush on Matthew Broderick.

  • I remember going to see it at the DRIVE-IN.
  • I thought it was TRON that popularized geeks (or, as they were called in the quaint terminology of the day, "nerds") ? Terrible, terrible movie, but out a year or two before War Games.
  • I actually really liked TRON back in the day (I haven't seen it in ages, so I couldn't say if it held up), but all of the actors were adults. I think War Games captured my attention more because they were kids.
  • Also, I remember going to see Love at First Bite at the drive in!
  • I liked both Tron and War Games when I was a kid. I identified with War Games more because, as meridithea noted, the kids were closer to my age. However, Tron has aged better for me. Now I get all the system administration jokes and references. Also, out of all the fictional passwords ever mentioned in movies or TV, "reindeer flotilla" is still the best.
  • I saw it, like all of my brat pack movies, in town at the Roxy. Aah, the Roxy. Built in 1917, and no longer with us. It'd get too hot in summer, so the emergency doors would be propped open to let in some air, with the movie ultimately disturbed by the fire station across the street. Aah, the Roxy. One tiny speaker dead centre at the front of the screen. Really brought out Amadeus. Aah, the Roxy. Where the ceiling fans would catch the top two feet of the screen. Bless ya.
  • I remember my lone term on the high school student council, in which our responsibility was to order the "feature" film for the end-of-year assembly.** We were so excited thet Tron was in the catalog, and in our price range. It was the newest movie there. So we sent off our order. We were crushed the day the letter came, telling us that the only film in our price range that wasn;t already booked for that day was Jerry Lewis's The Big Mouth. I never ran for student council again. **otherwise know and the day the plopped all the kids in the auditorium for seven hours of movies so they could have staff meetings without losing any state aid money