July 25, 2008

Ella Enchanted: Ella Mind Control! I occasionally run across advertisements or movies whose main purpose seems to be the reinforcement or triggering of covert MK Ultra mind control programming.... "Enchanted" or "bewitched" are code words for mindcontrolled, so the movie title might as well read "Ella Mind Controlled". Just one of many photographic examples on this site of covert government and corporate wickedness. Bring your tinfoil hat!

My favorite part is the comments from people trying to be reasonable: "they're [bad word] trees! and no the snow dropping doesn't look like sperm you idiot! it looks like snow falling from a tree on a video game system with [bad word] graphics."

  • I'm convinced.
  • AOL? MoneyTree? Starbucks? Why do you not believe?!?!!??
  • The gov sure through the nuts a bone with that Total Information Awareness logo, didn't they?
  • That's the pre-coffee spelling of "threw", by the way.
  • In the recent Tolkien movies the all-seeing Eye of Sauran was fed information by magical spy balls that were strewn around the kingdom The Eye of Sauran's not the only one dealing in magical spy balls, methinks
  • Can someone who's had more sleep than me translate everything above my comment?
  • Translation- scartol (OP): OMG Crazy People on teh internets! LOL rocket88: LOL l0s3rz Nickdanger: BU$H and teh U$A is teh l0z3r Nickdanger: LOL i kant spell lol Plegmund: LOTR! these l0z3rz are teh high Lara: WTF? Hope this helps!
  • Bootiful! KTHXBYE!
  • P.S. Request Nickdanger translate all threads for me in future.
  • I remember that show! Nickdanger Explains It All<><>
  • Guess what my new wallpaper is?