July 25, 2008

Apparently the Northern Lights have been a mystery...until now Article. PS THEMIS= Time History of Events and Macroscale Interations during Substorms I love that.

On a far tangential note, I used that to think that the "eloquence that scares me" or whatever the actual line from Doo doo doo by the Police was actually "aurora borealis" Or maybe I'm thinking of an INXS song. I had focus issues as a child. And maybe still now.

  • You're in so much trouble.
  • Eloquence escapes me.
  • I'd never heard of THEMIS, and for anyone else that's lived in a box, there's more THEMIS here and here I especially like the alphabet soup of instrumentation carried: fluxgate magnetometer (FGM), an electrostatic analyzer (ESA), a solid state telescope (SST), a search coil magnetometer (SCM) and an electric field instrument (EFI) Now, regarding the operation of the fluxgate magnetometer... oooooo, look at the lights!
  • Very nice. What with global warming and all, I hope they're equipped with AC.