July 24, 2008

Something in saliva helps heal wounds faster. And it took this long to figure this out. Because "licking his wounds" isn't a common phrase or anything. So nobody looked into it until now. Righty-O.
  • I prefer to liquor my wounds.
  • the old bourbon bandage, huh TUM? I know it well ;)
  • the tequila tourniquet? help me out here...
  • Scotch Suture, Chartreuse Cast, Vodka Enem... ah, no, wait.
  • Right...that should always be Champagne, not vodka.
  • I live my life by old wives' tales. They knew a thing or two. But casting ne'er a clout can get a bit smelly in the modern office, so I have to work from home.
  • So that's why my doctor prefers to spit into my cuts instead of cleaning it out and giving me a tetanus shot!
  • If he also licks them, I hope he's not charging you, Gramma.
  • George Carlin: Saliva is dangerous to your health, but only if swallowed in small quantities.
  • I guess this is why blood tastes so good.
  • My HMO is Healthy Martini Olives.