July 24, 2008

Hailstones Blast Man off the Shitter - oh god, poor man, all he wanted was a crap, and then he got iced up the arse by some Fortean weather. Pictures here.

I don't believe a word of it, personally. Hailstones come out of the sky, not out of the U-bend. Filthy Austrians and their dirty tricks. And, yes, I tried to make the headline as vulgar as possible, because let's face it, it's what we are all thinking.

  • Thank you, Hank, for making me laugh so hard I think I aspirated some breakfast.
  • Alternate linky for the crappy hail pics (I can't get the link above to load).
  • OK, given the links, I was going to call bull hailshit, but it was reported on KUTV news, so I'm assuming it's not another intarwebby hoax. Actually, the guy's lucky. It could have been a megacryometeors. When these puppies start coming out of your toilet, then you best be jumpin'. And why are those people holding toilet ice in their bare hands? ewwwwww! *another weather anomaly brought to you courtesy of global warming
  • GramMa, the image on your KUTV link was provided by Getty Images, aka stock photo. You may take a sigh of relief. Also, your megacry link points right to the FP.
  • Alaskan bidet.
  • Could've also been snakes.
  • And why are those people holding toilet ice in their bare hands? Actually, my question is what an Australian is doing with a snow shovel? Do they sell snow shovels in Australia? - NG
  • Those last few characters were a cut and paste error and are not intended to be meaningful. I should preview more.
  • Oh Austria! I'm sorry. I'm really tired.
  • he will be the butt of many jokes to come.
  • Megacryometeors More I blame the OldTimers disease.
  • Icy were heading into the frozen wasteland of Punville again.
  • we're...got so cold, there were falling 'postrophes