March 23, 2004

A shorter Passion. Can't be bothered sitting through Mel's movie? Worried he might give his cut of your ticket to his Holocaust-denying Jew-hating Dad? Get the condensed version from Mushashi!
  • Hey, very much NSFW. Unless you work at Fox, perhaps. And some might find some 'racial stereotypes' there, well, offensive. Neither the animation or graphics are any good. And the humor is... well, lame. But you're gonna click anyway.
  • I work at a bank. It wouldn't be considered NSFW there. I think you may have slightly more anal norms than I'm used to.
  • slightly more anal norms *hides*
  • Funnier (and definitely less controversial): LOTR in one gif.
  • slightly more anal norms I read that as anal worms.
  • Monkeyfilter: slightly more anal worms than you're etc, etc.
  • Hey, that LOTR thing is way controversial! For one thing, it's the movie version. And I would argue Gollum was schizophrenic, not bipolar. And they should have named Aragorn Elessar at the end (The artist formerly known as Aragorn, formerly known as Strider, formerly known as Trotter) So there. /pointless ranting
  • haha i love the lotr gif, that's sweet. won't look at the passion thing tho', after seeing the actual movie i don't want to be reminded of it in any way shape or form. gah. disclaimer - saw the passionn for free 'cause a friend is a theatre manager. no way, no how do i give mel and his crack pot family any of my money. haven't for years and years.
  • I thought this was pretty brilliant. The badly-animated gore and the terrible Jewish stereotypes are more than a little off-putting until you realize they're representations of the film's actual content and the real-life attitudes of Gibson and his compatriots. The tic-tac-toe stuff seems (and certainly is) so crass it's disturbing, but it's nothing less than a cartoonish representation of the way Gibson's Roman soldiers act in the film. A viewer of Mel Gibson's Passion is supposed to feel extreme pity for a man who's being brutally beaten by hordes of gleeful Jews and Romans. I think this guy made a great point by setting the stage for humor, then giving us his own rough estimate of the film's actual content. Whatever shock or horror we feel when we're watching this comes straight from The Passion itself. That, not the stupid humor, seems to be the point of this. In other words, it's Mel Gibson that's totally offensive, not this cartoon. This guy's just pointing it out. I don't really know if that's the approach he meant to take, but that's what happened. Sorry to go on and on.
  • /hands baby sofa with bananas yo.
  • RIGHT ON babywannasofa. There is NOTHING offensive about this cartoon that is not a representation of the movie. Yes the cheerleading jew is a cariacture. But that is exactly the image held by the people who are flocking to see Mels movie in droves - of a happy cheerleading chassid. It frightens me to know that image is so thoroughly alive and well. And I'm scared to death of what happens when this movie is released in Europe and the mideast.
  • wow! that was so gory I couldn't even finish watching that, much less the actual movie...which I have no intention of seeing anyway because apparently mel gibson is a poo-eating weinerbiter!
  • A friend who saw The Passion called it "religious pornography." As for the cartoon, it's brilliant. The choreography is excellent.
  • Bad jb! - that link opens right into the Quicktime. If you don't want to open the movie right away, try this link.