July 22, 2008

He was working as an alternative medicine practitioner - complete with moustache and big white beard - in Belgrade. On the run for 13 years Radovan Karadzic is, strike that, was, Europe's most wanted, accused of responsibility for the deaths of 200,000 people and driving almost 2 million people from their homes.
  • Give the bastard a fair trial. Them hang him.
  • He went from Father Ted to Santa, yet still remained an evil cnut underneath.
  • I don't think I'd have recognized him on the street with that beard.
  • At last an explanation for that curious hairstyle he used to have; just preparing the way for being unrecognisable.
  • It was a fantastic disguise though. Gotta hand it to him for that.
  • His disguise was not shaving.
  • If only this was real.
  • - Behind every able man, there are always other able men. There's been some discussion that his whereabouts have been know for quite some time, but no action was taken until the moment was opportune (i.e., Serbia's favorable entry into the EU). He must have been itching to get all of that hair off.
  • His alternative medicine website. Anybody read Serbian?
  • Thank's for the link, Nick. I kept wondering what those small things were on the table next to him on a lot of the images released in the press. They appeared to be mini bottles of water or something. A-ha, Serbian "New Age" energy harmonizers of sorts!
  • Oh, good, homie, I was going to cut and paste the story, but you done good. The rest of you--read the commentary. What a fantastic story of someone who lived it and came through hell as a strong and compassionate person. I hope Karadzic rots. Death penalty. No discussion.
  • Damn. That poster comments... really put so many things in perspective. The first one... gosh. Got the same feeling of being punched in the gut as after watching films like Darwin's Nightmare and The Secret Life of Words. because I know that another Karadžić lurks around the next corner That's the scary, infuriating, most terrible aspect of all this. The atrocities already forgotten, or never unerathed, and those developing right now, in our glorious 21st century. Damn.
  • The only reason they caught the fucker is that they want to join the EU. If it wasn't for that, he'd have been peddling that new age shit until he carked it. Justice is about profit when you are talking about world leaders. That's why Bush and his cronies will never be brought to trial for their crimes, because it will be no benefit to anyone. /cynic
  • I think a big part of it is that, as a defense mechanism, people simply don't want to believe that things can be that bad. Goes back to the Just World Theory.
  • Why can't the human race ever outgrow this? I suppose the same impulse for kindness and tolerance that allows us to feel empathy for others keeps us from eradicating these types of people. Plus, most folks just want to live their lives, feed their children, get along with the neighbors. They aren't interested in major power or controlling anyone's lives. When it happens, TUM's defense mechanism kicks in. *sighs*
  • At first I thought that was a *yarmulke* up there on top of his white mane. Was that ironic, or did he purposely dye it as a subliminal disguise?