July 21, 2008

Look at my monkey . This first link is really cheezy and posted with Hank in mind. The rest of you *classy* monkey spankers will just have to go inside.

Feeling bored? Need a little monkey-spanking action to brighten up your day? Or are you into other crazy monkey games? Here's a few to keep you busy... Monkey Boy No, I don't mean you this time, Hank. Monkey Lander Monkey Menace Jungle Monkey Monkey Cliff Diving Monkey Kart Space Monkey I said not you, Hank. Monkey Bridge Builder Air Monkey NO! It's not always about you, Hank. Monkey Keep-ups Monkey Room Escape Monkey Kick-off Monkey Dance-offs--Jungle Jiggy OK, maybe this one is about Hank. Monkey Experiment Fruit Chimp Find the Monkey Boom Chica (boom-boom) Watch out for the monkey! Crazy Monkey Killer Don't look at me like that. They died happy. HAPPY! Why did I post all these links? Well, maybe because in grade school, my gym partner was a monkey! Have fun, guys! I said, "Have fun! HAVE FUN! Can you hear me now?

  • *calls the poppy patrol on GramMa*
  • My god that's a lot of monkeys.
  • G+T-T?
  • GramMa! That's a good *counts on her fingers* 3 weeks worth of FPPs! You gotta hold yourself back.
  • > Monkey Bridge Builder Seems impossible to me. Is there any way to rotate the pieces?
  • Before any of you other MonkeyLovers can do it, I'll call DOUBLE POST!! In my defense, I can only say that the links aren't the same and don't work anyway. Hahahahahahaha Nevertheless, that's a spankin'. Go ahead, click the link.
  • G+T+2G-T
  • G+T-T? posted by Nickdanger at 02:05PM UTC on July 21, 2008 Haha! I think maybe even G+T-T+GGGG! Loves ya, GramMa! Will check out monkeygame links when I get home.
  • Nick, you BASTARD! How dare you! That was my thing! What are you, psychic?
  • Heh. Air monkey was pretty fun for a 1-button game. A bit easy, tho.
  • The line for casting aspersions on GramMa's sobriety (or lack thereof) forms behind me.
  • G is for GramMa!
  • AHEM, Nick.
  • Fine.