July 20, 2008

Yoshiyuki Iwase - a Japanese photographer, best known for his pictures of ama, women who dove for seaweed for the few days of the year when water temperatures were bearable and the tides favourable.

According to Sotheby's most of his original prints and negatives were lost after his death.

  • Should add, may be mildly NSFW.
  • Amazing photographs. Amazing women. Poly, I lubs me a post that makes me say, "More, please!"I wanted more, but it's pretty spare pickin's out there. Found this site--and I'm sure the "village photographer" is Iwase. The damn egotistical anthropologist that didn't credit Iwase's work probably doesn't have HIS photos selling for $8k a pop. Not sure if this photo is Iwase, but it's beautiful. (from this site) The word ama literally means "sea woman". Japanese tradition holds that the practice of Ama divers may be 2000 years old. Edo-era woodcut:
  • Lovely! The "Thundering Seas Spray" picture looks like something out of a HIroshige print.
  • Way to go BlueHorse! Thanks for that. I had a quick dig around *cough*Google page 1*cough* for more on Iwase which is where I got the Sotheby's quote.