March 23, 2004

Respect for monkeys regardless of their behaviour.
  • also, these.
  • "Damn paparazzi, I don't know how they got that picture of me but my security staff is so fired" was what I first thought to say. But on preview I think I'll just say great follow-up mexican (a link each character), thanks.
  • Every monkey is sacred! Now if only human life were so valuable these days.
  • Just maybe, if we started with regarding animals as sacred and tried adapting our lives to accomodate them, we can work our way up to humans. /high horse
  • Ach, now, homunculus -- the poor wee things! Are they frightened or is there no heat in the monkeyhouse?
  • Snow monkeys. I've always loved those scenes of monkeys enjoying a bath in some of Japan's thermal water springs, surrounded by snow. They look so happy... hey, oops, what's this guy doing here?
  • Okay, call me lazy, but that was a bit labour intensive, mexican.
  • i'd say mexican deserves multiple bananas for all that effort. he certainly trumped the original post for content and creativity. /good one flagpole...*giggle*
  • "But after a month, the [monkeys] had only succeeded in partially destroying the machine, using it as a lavatory, and mostly typing the letter 's'." sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Oop! Ack!
  • There are more where those came from, dxlifer. I was trying to show that the BBC runs lots of stories on monkeys. I hadn't actually looked at any of them except for the titles. But upon closer examination, like petebest has done, there some fun stuff in there. Nice work, petebest.
  • Labor-intensive? You wanna see labor-intensive? Check out this classic tamim post at MeFi. (Move your mouse slowly over the second sentence.)
  • Yeah, I saw that one and gave up before I started. Did I mention you could call me lazy?