June 30, 2008

Michel Gondry Picks 25 Classic Music Videos with links to videos. enjoy.
  • I remember being entranced by the "Billie Jean" video as a kid.
  • Interestink. Also surprising that Chevy Chase can be included on any best-of list whatsoever.
  • Also: Gondry directed Block Party?!? Awesome...
  • Where's Talking Heads' Once in a Lifetime? And if you only know a bit of his work, Gondry's Directors Series DVD is bursting with goodness. Some of his early stuff is incredibly bizarre and at the same time candid.
  • very subjective list. whattabout "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or "Sugar Water" or that one with the treadmills by OK GO? hmpf.
  • Of course it's subjective--it's his list! Your list is obviously different than his because yours is also subjective. :) I'm so happy to be reminded of that Pharcyde video! Also, I had no idea that Jonathan Demme directed that New Order video.