June 29, 2008

Up to 15,000 prints and negatives in yellow crates. In 1984 Kulwant Roy left them to Aditya Arya. And last December, Aditya opened them.

Plus - remember to annotate photos.

  • Holy wow!
  • "But he was always too busy with his own assignments to spend time pouring over someone else's fading pictures. " What's he pouring over them, gravy? Can't the International Herald Tribune afford to pay a proofreader?
  • I'll bet Arya can kick himself for not opening them sooner. What a shame about all the prints and negs he (and history) have lost through not being archived, but dragged around in boxes for years instead. I wonder if someone somewhere has a box of the prints Roy sent home that he thought were going to be his retirement, but they never made it...
  • I'm looking forward to seeing what those boxes hold.
  • A trunk of lost photographs from Weegee turn up in a yard sale [related].