June 28, 2008

Friday Happy: "Where The Hell Is Matt? (2008)" Matt dances poorly, and travels a lot. You may have seen his earlier videos in 2005 or 2006. (The 2006 edition has been discussed previously.) This year, Matt did something a little different. Watch the video and see what you think.

I think it's pretty wonderful, myself.

  • Oops, the 2006 video's link should be this *sheepish*
  • That made me tear up, and I'm not usually one for the crying! I can't believe I've not heard of him before today. Thanks for the post.
  • I really liked the original; it was so silly, so low-key, it was a refreshing splash of pure happiness. The new one... sure the quality is excellent, and he's gone to just about everywhere one could possibly imagine (A Maid CafĂ©!?), and the hordes of people add to the happiness, but something's missing. Sponsorship somehow mars it. I don't know. Maybe I'm jaded and his silly dance isn't enough to warm one's heart. Just feeling a bit of nostalgia for the ancient ages of the net before virals.
  • I found this to be quite moving.
  • Maybe I'm just not jaded enough, or maybe it's that I spend all day reading about nuclear war. This had me crying like a baby. A happy crying baby. People are great.
  • Yup, I cried too. Partly because everybody looked so damn happy, and partly because I haven't any chance of seeing a teensy fraction of these places. Lucky bastard. Does this guy have a job? Or is this it? Nice stuff, great change from the ominous news crowding my mind.
  • Dance, dance, you happy people!
  • Need more happy people dancing*? How about some whistling? Or learn about an obscure slice of pop history, appreciate the sheer joy of free movement and ogle at a groovy girl's gyrations. *Excluding last one, the people on those links were paid to do so. So their happiness might be fake. Results may vary. Might contain peanuts.
  • More from the Huli Wigmen. Ass grass?
  • > a groovy girl's gyrations. She got some advertising work on the basis of this, IIRC.