June 27, 2008

One of those nights
  • Are you trying to tell us something, GramMa?
  • Queso, this is a cautionary tale for the younger Monkeys. You, on the other hand, could be a stand-in for one of the participants in this clip. I'll let you pick which one. So Monklings, unless you want to grow up as depraved as Uncle Queso, stick with root beer! *purses lips, shakes warning finger*
  • In Australia, the verb form of the word 'root' also has the connotation of .. to shag. So..
  • If you do want to grow up as depraved as I, the fees are extremely reasonable, and the line forms over here.
  • Behind you? Or in front?
  • Careful, Capt!
  • yes, be gentle, please. it's my first time.
  • first time with a human...
  • Waking up in a daze besides some cuddling stranger? Bah, been there, done WHOOPS it could be worse.
  • Step right up, Hank! :)
  • Boot rear!