June 26, 2008

How massive is Google? It processes 20 Petabytes of a data a day. This article will help you appreciate the humongousnessness.
  • Wow.
  • *wonders how much of that is pr0n* Best friend is a network engineer for a major backbone feed into N. America - - he always laughs when he gives his rough % estimate, and it always makes my mouth drop open...
  • Why the hell is a kilo byte 1024 bytes instead of 1000? EXPLAIN
  • Binary, powers of 2. 1024 = 2^10. However, now there are those who say (hard drive manufacturers do this to inflate storage ratings on their drives) that a true kb is indeed 1000 bytes, so there's an alternative naming system that replaces kilo/mega with kibi/mebi. But nobody wants to say "mebibyte," because it's stupid.
  • Why the hell is a kilo byte 1024 bytes instead of 1000? EXPLAIN Who let the nerd in?
  • sugarmilktea wrote: "*wonders how much of that is pr0n* 91% is porn. 6% is bad fanfic. 2% is pointless blogging. The remaining 1% is maybe worth reading.
  • You wanna know how massive Google is? It's so humongous that IT CAN MAKE AJAX WORK PROPERLY. The corollary being that YOUR COMPANY IS NOT BIG ENOUGH TO MAKE AJAX WORK PROPERLY. I know that the board of directors and your venture capitalist sugar daddies think that Ajax is really neat? And if you build the shiny thing into your online application, they will give you more money? BUT THE REST OF US HATE IT. (I also know that you, Any Given Web 2.0 Company, don't care whether we hate it. And why should you? We - your users - are not the ones whose opinions count. You don't make your money off us. You're far too cool to have a sustainable finance model! Just keep sitting on the Board of Directors' laps, and everything will be fine.) In short, Google is so massive that "Google uses it" should be taken as a recommendation AGAINST adoption. Sorry. Hit a nerve. Carry on!
  • Imagine how big it would be if a byte weren't the size of a grain of rice but the SIZE OF A PLANET!!!! HOLY SHIT THAT'D BE BIG
  • Frogs: What percent of that is internet traditions? Hunh? HUNH? Answer me that, willya!
  • Nickdanger wrote: "..HOLY SHIT.." No one understands this type of technical lingo.