June 25, 2008

Photographs made while travelling 50 to 70 mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States.

Required Quick Time for intro page. Not a deep link, but I really enjoyed looking at these. via Neatoramavia metafilter

  • My favorite
  • Great find, thanks Lara. My fave so far.
  • Best 'o the web I've seen in a while. Thanks for sharing, Lara! I'm torn between this and this.
  • Ooof. That woman in the pink is a Portrait in Hideous Unhappiness.
  • This guy looks extremely like actor Richard Anderson. In fact, considering this photo was taken in Hollywood, and the more I compare facial features, I'm almost certain it is Richard Anderson.
  • Alfred Hitchcock would have loved these. Neat find, Lara.
  • Great stuff, Lara! Many have an oddly Eraserhead-esque quality; all are compelling. Could this be a portrait of the waning days of America's car culture? Many are portraits of the automobiles as much as the drivers. Great concept which I didn't expect to be so engrossing.
  • With Lara's favorite, I would say that the caption identifying a "woman" is only approximate.