June 15, 2008

Mackie MixBusters Okay, so it's pretty much an ad for Mackie audio equipment but driving a pickup over expensive electronics is always exciting. The visceral crunch of snapped knobs and bent frames... destructive testing at its finest. Bonus: some guy pouring chocolate milk over his 5000$US camera.
  • My favourite comments: "It ate the floor!" and "I wonder where you could use a mixer like this..."
  • Meanwhile, in high end audio equipment, Slashdot reports that Denon has released a $500 ethernet cable to help ensure that all your ones and zeros are free from "jitter and ripple". The reviews on Amazon are amazing.
  • Can't watch it. Can't see good equipment abused. Used Mackie equipment for years. Before the rise of Behringer and other cheaper clones, amongst the best and most cost effective audio equipment out there. Simply. Cannot. Watch. Instead of doing this they should have given the equipment to me, taken a photo a day a week and compiled it after 10 years like time lapse photography. :D
  • I feel the same about chocolate milk wastage.
  • Dread...the cable reviews are great... this is right in there with the Monster cables, which have shown to be equal in sound quality as a coat hanger.... like P.T. said....
  • Hank, you really should watch it. This is the Mackie QA lab. They break the equipment so you don't have to. SPOILER: After driving over the Mackie with the pickup, it still operates perfectly.
  • I cringed at those videos of the guy with the Nikon. But, hey, it seems one really gets one's money worth off that $5000 camera.