June 15, 2008

When Album Covers Attack. YouTube. Maybe NSFW. Gratuitous gore.

...but funny.

  • Ah, well, maybe this just shows how out of date I am, but could you explain to me what's funny abou that?
  • Dude! I watched it a couple of times to see if I'd missed someting, but there's no content there. Yours truly, eternally optimistic.
  • And t and h challenged
  • Well you right it isn't funny, because there's no such thing as an absolute universal measure of "funniness" - different people find different things amusing. So I guess what I meant to say wasn't "it is funny" but just that "I found it funny" (despite the childish use of gore). As to why I personally find some things funny it's hard to say... Spike Milligan doing a Pakistani voice for a Dalek talking about putting a dead dog in a curry isn't funny at all. But it made me laugh. And where is "the content" in Natalie Imbruglia playing along with the guy who is mocking her? Still, it made me laugh out loud. Actually, in truth, I didn't think "album covers" was that funny - just entertaining because it was clever. Well OK - it wasn't even that clever - it was just fun to spot the covers I recognized from decades ago. ;-)
  • Yeah, I found it funny but like ThinksTwice says it's fun to spot covers and the way they've been interpreted or used. Like, heh, did you see the Wish You Were Here cover dude? That one made me laugh.
  • I think it just shows how out of date you are, path. ;) Not down with the stuff the kids are listening to these days, like, er King Crimson...
  • I thought it was funny. (Even though I felt like a Herbert for only recognizing about half of the albums.)
  • Anyone who says Spike Milligan isn't funny is gonna get a slap!
  • That animation is an oldie but quite good. To find it funny it helps to have those covers deepy ingrained in one's memory. Of course, it's not very uplifitng when you show this to someone that doesn't recognize them or most of the groups... ouch.