June 14, 2008

Hello. Hello. How Low. Kurt Cobain Signature Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes! Wow! Some call it a black spot on whatever. But he always did admire John Lennon.

Jiminy Goddamn Fuck.

  • Punk rock means freedom!
  • Who cares? He was a fuckin' pop star, they're all sellouts.
  • *holding out for Jello Biafra Jeans from Levis*
  • Sellout issues aside, I don't get it -- the classic Chucks are the only ones that look good.
  • Celebrity worship will always be used to separate you from your money. Just don't do it.
  • I am writing this comment to express my regret that I never owned a pair of Chucks. I fear I am now too old to turn back.
  • You're too late, 'tool. Unlike those of us who have been wearing them forever, even in those dark days when there was only one place an hour away that carried them, and then not in your size because the American factory was closed and they weren't making any new ones anymore, and then Nike picked them up and all the cool kids bought them, and you're still walking around in them, and people make snide remarks about how you're being a hipster an' shit when you've been wearing them the entire time, and just who the hell are these little shits cashing in on your cred, anyway? Not that I'm bitter... OK, I'm bitter.
  • *holding out for Jello Biafra Jeans from Levis* Buster Bloodvessel Y-fronts!
  • great, now my feet are depressed.
  • *holding out for Jello Biafra Jeans from Levis* btw, it's Jello's 50th birthday next week, so the commemorative edition (whatever) may not be far off:
  • I thought you wore Crocs, Captain. And a beanie.
  • So the shoes that were visible in the photos of Kurt's dead body lying in his guesthouse are now going to be marketed in his name? Because enough time has passed that they think people don't remember those photos anymore? Wow. I, I, . . . have no words.
  • Enh, I'm gonna wait for the Fred Rogers memorial line of tennis shoes.
  • Wouldn't it be more tasteful to honor the living? You know... like a line of O.J. Simpson leather gloves.
  • We can at least take comfort in the fact that the proceeds will help to keep a certain skanky old tart in the drug-induced stupor to which she has become accustomed.
  • I bought a pair of All-Stars last weekend, and every time I put them on, I want to cut myself.
  • Remember to do it where it'll be covered by your clothes, skrik. Saves you a trip to the guidance counselor.