June 13, 2008

A piglet on a farm in northern England has conquered its "fear of mud" with a set of miniature gumboots. Pig in boots (video & article). BBC version (with vid). The Mirror is there too.

All the same fucking story, linked four times. It'd make 'em go into apoplexy on Mefi.

  • You say that hank, but several years from now, when one of us is going through the archives, one of these links may still work. That said, PIGGY!
  • From the BBC article: "Owner Andrew Keeble from Thirsk, North Yorks, said his daughter Ellie, 12, suggested kitting her out in the tiny footwear which had been on a key ring." From the Mirror article: 'Andrew, 42, added: "We scratched our heads for a while - then came up with the idea of having some boots custom-made for her."' And I remember the article linked in the MeFi post said something about the boots being pencil holders. WHERE DID YOU GET THE BOOTS? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? Also, the pictures show the pig wearing boots on all feet, while the video shows it wearing boots only on the front feet.
  • IT'S ALL A TERRIBLE LIEEEEEE probly a clever publicity move for the bloke's sausages. He's had better luck with this business, his previous pig farm was in Tel Aviv.
  • I hope they take its boots off before they put it on the barbecue.
  • They don't look custom-made -- why would they have a 'foot' part to them? And they don't even fit! IMPOSTOR!
  • Her owners had the idea of fitting her with the bespoke miniature footwear to help conquer her fear. *looks at video* Awwwwwwwwww the cute piggy's boots! Debbie and Andrew Keeble run a sausage company in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. OH NO! However, they have said that Cinders will be spared the butcher's knife and instead act as a mascot to the Farm Crisis Network which supports struggling farmers. AWwwwwwwww... Must stop clicking on these things that bring out ingrained responses. Yesterday it was this video link from BoinBoing... And I can't even stand babies, damn.
  • As a former baby, I take offense to that.
  • I was one too, but grew out of it.
  • Apparently, I was one too, only I was so little I don't remember.
  • *prefers pigs in a blanket*
  • The pig is afraid of mud? Are there cows afraid of grass? Fish afraid of water? Is it possible that it is not really a pig? Could it be some sort of Invasion of the Body Snatchers thing, but with pigs?
  • Hocks in socks.