June 13, 2008

Breakfast breads baked for bread baking day. Brioches (what is the plural of brioche anyway?), crumpets, cinnamon rolls - yum. Bookmarked.
  • 'Brioches' is correct. It's a French word, so they would just add the 's' as well. If it helps, when you pronounce it, you would still say it the same as you say 'brioche', because final consonants are not pronounced. And those are lovely breads.
  • Ah - thank you for that Sandspider. Muchly appreciated.
  • Nom.
  • OK, we talk about breakfast in the eeked threads - should we talk about eeked posts in the breakfast thread?
  • Man, I love cinnamon rolls! You know who else loved cinnamon rolls? That's right! Daisy May.
  • Oh how timely! Two weeks ago I bought a breadmaker from the thrift store for the princely sum of $7. (Breadmaking snobs, feel free to sneer. I understand.) I've been experimenting with bread quite a lot. I have actually been looking for breakfast bread recipes. This morning I had leftover garlic dinner rolls for breakfast. They were... adequate in that capacity. But that cinnamon bun coffee cake? The sweet vanilla challa? Oo, the hardest part is choosing which one to make first! Bookmarked! Triple bookmarked! With a cream cheese glaze on top!
  • *had a lovely pain au chocolat for brekkies this morning* *would like to learn how to make them from scratch* *waves to daisy_mae*
  • Challa back girls!
  • I went with the cinnamon coffee cake bread for starters. OUTSTANDING. Eating a slice now, as a matter of fact. Mmmf!
  • Num - currently I'm simmering a golden syrup sponge. Not breadie per se (or for breakfast for that matter)