June 12, 2008

There's a model shortage in New York. There's a stripper shortage in Toronto. Good-looking immigrants get to jump the queue?
  • While I agree that models should be classified as arts & entertainment workers, some of his arguments for it seem a bit beside the point. "Anytime you can create jobs in New York, you've got to do it," said his spokesman, John Collins. "The fashion industry is super-important in New York. It'll make it easier for costume artists, makeup artists and set designers to do shoots in New York." Because that can't happen with native models? I don;t get it. Wouldn't it also be a nice thing to create jobs in New York for people who are already there?
  • Apparently there aren't any good-looking people in the Tri-State, TUM. Definitely Jersey, anyway. (Since Medusa left, at least.)
  • capt. don't forget our darling Monster also resides in the tri-state!
  • I thought she was upstate, not tri-state?Same as with Larababy?
  • And besides -- it's not I who's saying that there aren't any hotties in New York -- it's their Congressman Wiener. Oh, look. The Post has a gratuitous photo gallery of foreign models. Shocking.
  • There's a panther in Michigan.
  • You know, I say this all the time, but did they just consider paying locals more?
  • Whatever can be done for the legalization and legitimization of such trades is a good thing. Better to twist the law a bit than keep relying in mob-controlled sex-slave trafficking. Of course once they're in the big cities they become prey to local criminals, but well...
  • Brilliant!
  • I only just now realized that you preserved the acronym. hbs and I must meet you in person one day.
  • Shouldn't it be Ta-Ta's? Oh never mind... *keeps fixed stare at Ta fine painting*
  • Well, there's no point having an acronym if you don't stick to it like a dememnted bloodhound.
  • How does this teach them anything? According to the story they were told that one of the kids was hit by a drunk driver not that the kid was himself drunk and got in a car accident. So what is the lesson being taught here? Not that you shouldn't drive drunk. No, it seems that the message being taught here is "you could be killed by a drunk driver at any time!" So rather than teaching them not to drink and drive they are teaching them to be paranoid and worried about things that they have no control over. That's nice teachering there...
  • ^ - I think you want the other thread.