June 12, 2008

The 7 Deadly Sins. Interpreted as wine glasses. I love pride.
  • photographer needs makeup artists, stat. put a little fuckin powder on that shine, dammit.
  • Envy should be made of green glass, no?
  • The holes are a nice touch. I think I'd be down with gluttony. I like my Tuscans to be nice and tentacle-y.
  • Those are great--Envy, Lust and Sloth are my faves. In glass form as well. :)
  • It would be nicer if more of them were useable. Typical designers...form over function.
  • Typical engineers, bitching about designers...
  • Hey man, it's ART.
  • Wrath is perfect. Usable and attractive. I think Sloth is somewhat misguided.
  • And that CCTV chandelier... expecting real cameras in it.
  • They look pretty cool in the display case, but I'm more about function than form. Me and the Capt be drinkin' straight outta the bottle.
  • I'm curious how usable some are, notably lust and greed. Envy seems inherently useless. Btw, A porrón already captures fun & lust fairly well.
  • It took me a while to figure out that there's a ball valve at the bottom of LUST, which means in order to drink the drinker must push up on the ball with his/her tongue. Which, I admit, is pretty sexay.