May 31, 2008

WWII Vet Vs. Right Wing Blogger Smackdown. A WWII veteran responds to a blogger who contacted him in search of dirt on Barack Obama's great-uncle. The story becomes even funnier when the blogger in question turns out to be a homophobic furry with a cigar fetish. Oh dear. [Via MeFi and MeTa.]
  • I've been following this over on S!N, aghast and agog. May seem a bit ad hominem to some, but ad hom is the whole _reason_ for Sadly!No. Well, that and the pointing and laughing.
  • Holy shit, that is one interesting (if irrelevant) twist. But, homunculus? I know it's my fault and all, and I can't hold you responsible for the links I click, and it was an Encyclopedia Dramatica link I followed from the first link in your post, so I should have known better, but I want you to know that you, however indirectly or unintentionally, broke my goatse cherry. I had never, not once, through studious and careful avoidance, NEVER ONCE SEEN GOATSE UNTIL THIS VERY EVENING. I am forever changed, and it's the kind of changed like where you shit yourself publicly. In a metaphorical sense, of course.
  • Oh, homoPHOBIC. I read that initially as homosexual furry with a cigar fetish and immediately suspected it was Limbaugh.
  • You must stare into the abyss to become enlightened.
  • Sometimes the abyss stares back at you.
  • Oh tool, I had no idea. If I'd known, I'd have brought flowers and lube. On the bright side, now you can fully appreciate all the pictures of people being exposed to goatse for the first time!
  • I had no idea this was happening - that bloggers of any stripe would be writing such tripe as the original ones trying to explain away the camps as just labour camps. I thought it was bad when the a significant American military medal (the purple heart) was denegrated by a major political party - AND NO ONE CARED - but this turns my stomach. Do they even stop to hear or read what they are saying? Regardless of politics, how can they look themselves in the face? Having just looked at the images from Buchenwald (linked in first link), and I can barely look at myself for the shame and horror of what people of my species could do to other people. But to downplay it?
  • Damn, I didn't think I had any tears left, but here they are.
  • I kind of see two tiny points of bright light in this debacle: 1. It's another small sign that the democratic party has taken that one feeble remaining testicle that they've been gingerly passing from hand to hand over the past 12 years and bolted it back on. Good for them. The network is set up to smack down bullshit like this fast. Compare how fast this has come and gone to "invented the internet". 2. I don't know, but I suspect just based on pulling it out of thin air, that this 89th Infantry guy is exactly the sort who has dutifully voted republican over the past 50 years and may have even been swayed a bit by the swiftboating thing last cycle. I'd like to imagine he's starting to see through some of the fog.
  • I'm too confused.