May 30, 2008

Another poopie link (probably NSFW) Taiwanes restaurant innovation (let's blame China). [pics and video lifted from but much easier to digest.]
  • Can I reserve a table in the bathroom with a functioning seat?
  • *fears primal organic response if dining at such place due to conflicting visual cues*
  • I wonder what the bathrooms look like in that place. Do you have to sit on a rice cooker? Or pee in a soup bowl?
  • Now THAT'S recycling! Much better than sticking it in the front yard and planting marigolds in it, next to the Virgin Mary shrine made from an upended bathtub.
  • Monkeyfilter: To Eat Or To Pee?
  • For some reason that last picture made me think of 2 girls 1 cup. Maybe it was the brownish-yellow hue of the cheap camera and the plastic spoon.
  • Ugh. The chocolate ice cream swirl was a complete turnoff. DO NOT WANT
  • It's pretty amazing that there was exactly the right Buñuel clip on youtube all ready for linkage in the first comment.