May 29, 2008

The wooden mirror. Daniel Rozen designed a wooden mirror from 830 small wooden panels controlled by a computer and connected to a small camera communicating with hundreds of tiny motors. To display dark parts the mirror uses dark brown sides of the panels and for light parts light sides of the panels are used
  • This is awesome. I like the noise it makes when changing - like hundreds of small dominoes toppling. As soon as I get one I shall put it on the wall beside that clock that spells the time. Rozen has made a variety of other interesting mechanical mirrors. I like the Weave Mirror: from afar it looks like basket weave, but close up each segment is a 'C'-shaped grey-scale surface that rotates to change it's color. Thanks for this dng.
  • That's beautiful. Could also be used to create some nice animation, I think.
  • "I think this idea is totally awesome, useless but awesome." Hey, it's art! Art isn't useless! (It'd make a pretty cool effect for a music video, wouldn't it?)
  • I would like to see one made out of various kinds of cheese.