May 28, 2008

rice boy a webcomic
  • This is easily one of the best web comics I've read in a long time. Check it out, it'll only take you a little bit to burn through the entire thing.
  • Absolutely beautiful. Magical. Thanks, Hank.
  • It is excellent. Cheers
  • Made it just to half of the story and can't take more for now. Beautiful, interesting imagery and specially like the use of color.
  • I liked this very much.
  • That was.. uhhh... trippy. Gerund reminded me of Satchel from get Fuzzy.
  • This is very good. I finished it in two sessions, and I'm definitely gonna read through it again, more slowly.
  • Inspiring work. The brush is mightier than the pen!
  • 2-and-a-bit years later update: Rice Boy has reached its dramatic and tearful conclusion, and Evan has also completed another story, Order Of Tales. Several short comics are also up on the site, and the next long-form story is in progress: Vattu. All are set in the same world: Overside. Order Of Tales is a picaresque adventure in black-and-white; it takes place a few centuries prior to the events of Rice Boy, and has a more "medieval" feel. With Vattu, we go back into colour and into a nomadic tribal society further back in the past. The title character starts out as an unfeasibly cute baby, but I feel that great things are in store for her. I met Evan at SPX in Washington DC and he was extremely nice. I bought a copy of the Rice Boy book, and he drew a little sketch of The One Electronic inside the cover! It is awesome.