May 21, 2008

Cyberium is a truly amazing site that reveals layers and hierarchies of mind boggling, morphing imagery administered by, dare I say it? a genius!

Administered byDavid Thorpe, a prolific writer (Doc Chaos:The Chernobyl Effect") and anti-nuke activist.

  • Main link's borked. And from that MySpace page it seems it should be this... but where's the 'imagine' section?
  • I think this is the link... N.S.F.W. and plays music.
  • Not the same link, I'm thinking. The one I gave tested out in preview, also keeps working here. It was an odd URL form though, or try... this (
  • Oh, thankyou very much ThinksTwice, you beat me to the alternative URL...
  • David Thorpe! I think not, try Guido Poggi.
  • Dear tellurian, seeing what you like off your blog, I can appreciate your mentioning that cool artist's name, Guido Poggi, but remember that I only said that David Thorpe was (actually, purporting himself to be Administrator of the Site) sort of like our own Fearless Administrator, in his own way, I guess. And I can believe him. Also, I only found this stuff because I had searched for "Doc Chaos: Chernobyl Effect" by David. I may seem overly enthusiastic to some, but that's how it all struck me, after already being impressed. Thank's for keeping this puppy alive! Sorry I never mentioned the music, *whatever it is*, but the version of Firefox that I have can't get the plug-in for the midi file even now, so I didn't think about cubicle dwellers being revealed by some blast of music or other (and also hadn't noticed all of that, sorry!). So far as PG-13 content, the site itself warns everyone enough, I hope. Regarding this old version of Firefox though, it certainly can bring up this site, in any permutation, with being bothered by their fiendishly truncated URLs, for whatever its worth to whatever browser anyone else is using. (I am almost beginning to feel about this Post as if I had voted for some president or other, and then felt guilty out of all proportion to the tiny influence I really made) Again, sorry. I really mean it though.
  • (Sorry, I meant that even this older version of Firefox had no PROBLEM, for what it's worth.)
  • Administrator of (now that's a weird redirect!) cyberium. com,… Okay, I'll stop now. My point is that cyberium ain't neccessarily synonymous with Thorpey (see what I did there). I'll just refer you to the source of
    ... Guido Poggi's digital computer generated - Gippo's creative conceptual pictures - GyP gallery since 1997 Copyright 1997-2004 XXI Century
    Hey! I see you are a Rudy fan, just in case you aren't across it - Flurb. And thanks for visiting the blog (even though you were a 100% Bounce), you made it nearly double number visitors today.
  • Definitely I like Rudy Rucker! Thanks for the link to Flurb. I've got his book "Software," in which the programming is the person, boppers rule on the moon, etc. Flying penguin bots? Also one I can't find now about a Pendulum. He actually pretty much is for sure a genius!
  • Well, I've gone back and find tellurian's blogspot very much a worthy bookmark!
  • Thanks Dan. *blushes*