May 20, 2008

Afraid to be thin. Happy monkeys are happily fat. Lower class monkeys are neurotically thin. Until you give them the Great Equalizer: chocolate.

No human parallels to be explored here....right?

  • These results may not surprise any stressed-out wage slave who has polished off a quart of Häagen-Dazs at midnight while contemplating the day’s humiliations. 500ml is my limit.
  • What's a quart, about 900ml? Or is it 1.1 litres? I didn't realize Haagen Dazs came in such quantities.
  • Il faut arreter presque a le fond. :-)
  • So, Doritos are the opiate of the masses? That makes perfect sense.
  • A quart is two pints, four cups, or (um...math) 32 ounces. I think that's in the ballpark of a liter. I'm pretty sure Haagen Dazs comes in pints, here. Most fancy ice cream does.
  • // Considers changing name to (Lord) Hanuman. ;-) ... // Discovers that name is already taken. :-(