May 20, 2008

Daily Telegraph journo Peter Foster blogs about life in a tiny New Zealand town.
  • I'd quite like to move to New Zealand.
  • The healthy dose of cricket writing is a bonus too.
  • Mmm, avocadoes.
  • You probably need to know a bit about Takaka to understand the transition he's made - it's not just a small NZ town, but it's also quite isolated, without the services a small town close to a larger one would enjoy. Takaka is in the middle of one of NZ's more untouched National Parks, Kahurangi, and it takes a lot to get integrated with a community as insulated as that is. So what he is writing about represents what he has to do before he divests himself of his "English-ness". Before he qualifies, he needs to be able to at least shed a small tear after watching this.
  • What Ed said.
  • Don't like New Zealand. Not enough ghosts.
  • I'm ready. So how do I immigrate?
  • Ralph, do you mean because it's not had enough bloody history, or is this just more evidence of your ghost fetish?
  • Takaka is also disproportionately full of hippies, Germans, McGillicuddies and other folk who aren't originally local to the area which makes it a different proposition from, say, Dannevirke or Featherston or Kawerau.
  • So, we can safely say there is plenty of cannabis? Cos if not, no sale. Wait, there are English? Fuck that.