May 20, 2008

The pro *always* gets the shot, even when the shot is of a javelin through his leg.
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  • Trac, could you please fix if you have a mo'? kthxbye
  • crucifixion's a doddle.
  • Man, would a blunt point be too much to ask on these things? Or would that screw up the aerodynamics?
  • A javelin with a blunt point would just be a big stick, dude.
  • maybe a ball would be even safer. javelins should be banned. every year there are hundreds of unnecessary injuries.
  • Javelin bands - now there's an idea...
  • Maybe they should just throw these.
  • I regreat that on foot I shall not be travelin' Until from my leg they remove the damn javelin.
  • Now my hold on my calmness is quickly unravellin' Cause my kneecap is split by this bothersome javelin. I haven't the skill of Olivia de Havilland I say, "Forsooth! Yowch! I've been struck by a javelin!" Like a Judge whose dread judgment has come down hard gavellin', Seems God has decreed I get pierced by a javelin. Tis a wound it's unlikely reprieve any salve'll win, Good lord, would somebody please see to this javelin? On my anguish pipe someone has given the valve a spin, and forth gushed this terrible, surprising-sharp javelin. When I look down AH CHRIST WAGGAHBAHHAGA-BLAAAAARGH....!
  • "One of the first things that came to my mind was, 'Good thing we brought a second javelin,'" Miles' coach, Richard Vance, said Monday WTF?
  • Well, the photographer still has a leg to stand on, innit?
  • Surely, those into extreme body piercing are drooling over this... Dude! Check out my javelin piercing!
  • /joke about tripod
  • ... but then I fell off the perch.
  • Wait, I thought it was a Mauser rifle.
  • Yet again, TUM FTW.