May 19, 2008

Poached eyeballs Hope me get rid of my summer headaches please, oh kind and cross-eyed Monkeys!

I often wind up after a day outside in the summer sun with a horrendous headache and feeling like my eyeballs are poached eggs. My theory is that the bifocal part of my glasses is acting like a magnifying glass to cook my brain. If I wear ordinary sunglasses instead of my bifocals, it seems to take care of that problem. Trouble is, I wind up needing my bifocals to see what I'm doing or read something, don't have them with me, and then I'm bugged! I'm thinking about ordering photosensitive bifocal glasses, but worried that it won't solve the problem, or will not be as effective as sunglasses. Would it be better to just wear sunglasses and say screw the magnification? Get the polarized bifocals and a set of clip-on sunglasses? Are special order sunglasses worth the price? I just hate ordering glasses and not being happy with the result. What works for you spec wearing Monks? Love, the disgruntled wearer of glasses due to aging. I know you are not an ophthalmologist or optometrist, you are not my OOO, and even if you were an OOO, you wouldn't be giving advice on the web--unless you could make big bucks at it

  • I use those wraparound sunglasses that go over my glasses (when I remmeber to bring them along). Yeah, I look like one of the aliens from V, but it's worth it.
  • The range of clip-on sunglasses available is a lot bigger than it used to be. You can get some that are polarized, in the color of your choice, and that match the size and shape of your existing prescription specs without too much trouble. I'd give that a try.
  • *had lasik and now just wears normal sunglasses* ymmv.
  • Don't bother with photosensitive lenses right now. According to a few of my friends who have tried them, they tend to just darken partially and don't lighten back up when in the shade. So you wind up with sunglasses that are too light for sunny days and too dark for indoors. The technology's not really matured yet. TUM's wraparounds sound good. You really need glasses that will protect all-around (above, below, on the sides), not just in front.
  • This is going to sound stupid and obvious, but have you tried wearing a wide-brimmed hat?
  • Of course. Hat and sunglasses = me very dork. The extra special touch is hat and sunglasses AND irrigation boots with cut-off jeans. That's a fashion plus the rest of you laydez can only dream of emulating. Alnedra, don't I know it about wearing wraparounds! Even before my eyes got so photosensitive, it was necessary to have full side protection. When I worked here. the glare from the water reflected off the dunes made me crazy without it. All day riding or gardening I certainly want them. But what about just a jaunt to the store? OK peeps, would over-the-top or clip-ons drive me nuts?
  • er, no, unless they work retroactively.
  • My eyes are very sensitive to the sun, and I find that I need both sunglasses and a hat to keep me from getting a terrible headache. Sometimes that's not even enough to keep me from ending up in pain, but it does minimize it quite a bit. Prescription sunglasses might help you quite a bit, if you don't want to go the goofy-cheap-wrap-around route. Keep in mind that eye strain is an added bonus to the light sensitivity, so you've got the double-whammy. Curse you, Sun!
  • lol @ cheese
  • I use the clip-ons with mine. Used to, I'd just wear a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses over my real glasses and hope no one I passed on the street would point and laugh, but my new glasses are wider or something and it doesn't work. And I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Wal-Mart, but they had the biggest selection of clip-on shapes where I live.
  • *graaaagh, the yellow face, it burnnssss usssss* I am so pale I have to wear protective clothing when I go outside. But ... are you sure this is a visual system thing entirely? I wonder if you're just not suffering from short-term dehydration. Try drinking lots of water while you're in the garden?
  • Water is very, very good, zorgon, but this headache thing starts within 15 minutes of my going out with my bi-specs on, and if I have a hat and sunglasses, I'm good. Of course, without bifocals I can't read the damn seed packets, so who knows what's planted where....
  • When you ask about "special order sunglasses" are you talking about from the cheap-o chinese mailorder places that are cropping up all over the place? I've experimented a bit with Zenni and Specs on the Net and the results were pretty OK. They got my prescription right and only took a couple of weeks to deliver. The quality of the frames is serviceable. Not being able to try them on means they're going to look dorky as all get out and not fit terribly well. This guy here is a big cheerleader for at least five of the companies. While they all start by claiming "$8 eyeglasses!", as soon as you start adding bifocalism, polycarbonate lenses, metal frames, tinting, things are closer to $30+. But still maybe less of a risk than $400+ from your local Luxottica cryptofranchise.
  • I vote for clip-ons because they work and they're at least semi-cool! The only thing cooler would be a sombrero.
  • Gramma, I get sunlight-induced migraines. Last year, I just spent the $400 and got prescription sunglasses. The photosensitive ones don't always change enough. I got regular sunglasses made to my prescription. I don't know if they do that with bifocals, though. If it's possible, that's what I recommend. One migraine avoided is worth any cost to me, honestly. And it's too hard for me to try to keep clip-on or wraparounds over my own glasses.
  • Not 'nuff people trying the sombrero
  • *puts on sunglasses, horned war helmet, picks up car keys and large, pink purse, heads out to buy a ***sombrero!***
  • Don't forget the salute.
  • YAY! Sombreros! Smaller yay for pink purse.
  • The one time I tried on a sombrero of that type, I got a headache. A sun-shade, umbrellish type thing might be gentler on the head. Actually, I think the best answer is to hire a garnener.
  • "gardner"
  • Or, "gardener."
  • Oh, you girls are such fashionistas! I don't really have a pink purse. Or a horned war helmet... ...but if I did, my pink purse would soooooo totally go with my irrigation boots You two would be like this *salutes