May 17, 2008

Make Your Last Stand- (Flash game) The dead have risen with a hunger for living flesh and it's only a matter of time before you and your companions fall beneath their inexorable onslaught. Your only hope is to make it to the coast before the last ship leaves for safer shores. Fight your way toward freedom, town by town. Spend your days scavenging for supplies, weapons and the occasional survivor willing to cast their lot with yours. Spend your nights defending the barricades from the Undead's endless assault. With careful (and lucky) searching, you'll soon have an arsenal of weapons ranging from compound bows to AK-47s and hand grenades to mow the bastards down and hold out long enough to see another sunrise.
  • If Monkeyfilter has done nothing else for me, ever, it's shown me that my obsession with zombies is not as uncommon as I might have thought.
  • Love this game. Very cathartic. Although I find the time limit a trifle frustrating when I just wanna kill zombies with big guns. This is the sequel to The Last Stand (via Kongregate), where you just kill zombies till the army finds you.
  • Apparently it's quite common, Lara. From the Q and A: Q: Why is everyone so obsessed about zombies? Go to the Official Zombie Webpage to find out!
  • It's a zombgeist. And it's probably blowing over by now.
  • I just read World War Z and it only fuelled my zombie-based imaginings.
  • I think it has something to do with the frightening times we live in. That, and zombies are just cool.
  • I'm down with zombies, but getting a little tired of subpar zombie projects. This games good, though.
  • It's the Time of the Season When love runs high In this time, give it to me easy And let me try with pleasured hands...
  • Zombie Jamboree (yootoob)
  • Carters
  • Holy crud, Ralph, that song's been going through my head for days. I never even thought to look for it on youtube.
  • I finally made it to the end. :) Take that, zombies.