May 17, 2008

Rhymes for no reason
  • i think that i'm going insane and there's a goldfish at large in my brain that's my excuse it's not substance abuse and we're not going through this again. Love it. (((( for GramMa!
  • Oooh and another one: 2 monkeys were having a cuddle their long limbs became quite a muddle they got tangled up and knocked over a cup and got soaked by a lemonade puddle
  • I was about to copy that first rhyme here myself... ...and we're not going through this again. ...and I totally forgot what I meant. ...but not till I've finished this rhyme. Best. Closing Lines. Evah.
  • one of my favs: Why are people always complaining? I find negativity draining So cheer up you twats 'cause even my cat's not afraid to go out when it's raining.