May 11, 2008

Infomania: "Chewing up the week's media so we can regurgitate it, half-digested, into your mouth". (via metafilter) Second link has embedded video
  • I don't have time to RTFA, but is one of those the story about women and yoghurt? Because that was great.
  • Yes, it is. Dreadnought's become addicted. I like Sergio's White Hot Top 5. I haven't listened to top 40 or seen MTV in about 10 years (yes, I live in a box - a BBC/CBC/NPR box), so it's kind of informative along with the snark.
  • Hilarious yoghurt!
  • I have to say that I think this is just great. It's tight and funny, and manages to be snarky without being mean-spirited. Consider my funny bone tickled.